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WORK-FACTOR as management technique


2 x 2 = 4,
old but very true!


World Class Manufacturing, Manufacturing Excellence, Lean Production and Shop Floor Management are the latest and modern key phrases to bring alive again, revitalizing, a number of work study methods and techniques.

The focus in these techniques is again directed on the prevention and elimination of wastes. The subject Quality, with aspects as ISO (International Standardization Office), TQM (Total Quality Management) and TPM (Total Preventive / Productive Maintenance), and the subject Good Housekeeping with aspects as order and neatness, are addressed.

WORK-FACTOR may be applied and used as a management technique in designing and analyzing manufacturing from production design, production planning, production and the (afterwards) quality control.
WORK-FACTOR systems are means to handle these kind of subjects and find some answers. Because WF systems provide insight and indicate preconditions for Quality and Good Housekeeping. And therefore has a major impact on many aspects of the elimination of wastes, directly influencing whether or not to achieve the ultimate goal of World Class Manufacturing.

Via the mutual relations between


the importance of WORK-FACTOR and the Work-Factor systems is evident.

WCM, Manufacturing Excellence, Lean and SFM are beautiful "acronimes" for sets of old industrial engineering techniques, especially those of Method study and Time study.

Productivity Improvement is possible only if the “above” underlying working processes and production processes are fully understood and controlled. Only then solve the problems by means of
-  identifying all the wasts, .............................. to be eliminated,
-  analyzing working methods, ......................... to be improved and
-  describe the (new) norms and standards, ...... to be recorded and implemented,
This is called Shop Floor Management and doing so continuously, you will work towards Manufacturing Excellence and towards World Class Manufacturing.


Do "western" companies want to stay in competition the next comming years with “eastern” companies, than a good and correct determination of standards for normal times, organization and techniques, and with it a high quality of products and high motivation of personnel, is necessary.

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