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Latest version
of VWF Software

As per January 9th 2017 the latest version of the VWF Software is version VWF 4.21 inwhich the Export-function is included. The Export-function has 2 options viz. exporting to a plain txt-file or exporting to a csv-file inwhich the the 2 summation formulae are being preserved. Version VWF 4.21-UPDA is a VWF-update version without Mento-Factor Compact. For analyses with MF-C it is necessary to analyse with a previous VWF version.
The Manual on the VWF Software is also modified.

VWF 4.19

Recently, October 2016, it was found, almost by accident, that there was no Export-function in VWF; viz. to import a VWF-analysis via a .csv-textfile into an Excel-sheet for further processing and analyses, as is the case with RWF and BWF. As from November 24th 2016 the Export-function is included in VWF; it even entails the simple formulae for addition.

VWF 4.17

As from November 1st, 2014 a new version of VWF is available. Some improvements and additions were made.

VWF 4.16

VFW software including MF-C

As from February 10th, 2014 a new version of VWF is available. Some improvements and additions were made, a.o.
1. The special analyses named code 0-0 like R + Gr and Gr + M and Gr are now available under the added 3rd option of
   Grasp named “grasp code 0-0”.
2. The slide grasp must, as usual, be analyzed as a Move over the transportation distance, where under “description”
   the grasp type can be indicated.
3. The option to append an other analysis to the analyses at hand and move it within the analysis, is improved.

VWF 4.08

The WFGD has released the VWF version by VWF 4.08 in September 2013.
With a few modifications to VWF 4.05 and an anewed Mento-Factor Compact module the release of version VWF 4.08 was effectuated as per September 1st 2013. As per July 1st 2010 developments started for VWF to automatically calculate the Simo-allowance if it is not given manually and both hands are executing the same movements (BH).

New version VWF dd juli 2008

As per July 1st, 2008 the work on a new version of VWF was finalized and a new release of VWF was published: VWF 4.00. With respect to the former version, VWF 3.08, some imperfections and flaws are dealt with and resolved.
Additions were: disassemble according transportation rules, seat, palming and depalming.

VWF 3.08 per December 2007

In close cooperation with the WFC, the WFGD and WFR have released the new version VWF 3.08 in December 2007.
With respect to version 3.02 little is changed, but some minor imperfections were repaired and resolved.

VWF card for the USA dd May 2007

For use for our American VWF users, a VWF card has been made onwhich the various values and measures are expressed in inches, ounces and yards. These values are tested against the values as used in the original RWF manual USA.

VWF cards dd 2007

New VWF cards have been made, because the new VWF 3.02 software made us aware of the older cards. Now, yoy may order cards in dutch, german or english.

VWF course choice
dd 2006

Until now, the VWF courses were based on analyzing manually, this means that the VWF analysts-to-be were educated and trained with aids as the VWF manual and the VWF card, inwhich the VWF times are rounded to a multiple of 5 VU.
Originally this was meant to be so and organized.

With the arrival of the small and fast PC’s and the possibility to develop easy-to-use software for the VWF system, the necessity for rounded VWF times to a multiple of 5 VU for “easy to calculate” purposes vanished.
Through the development of new VWF software, VWF3.02, and after contacting numerous VWF analysts, the WFR decided to also publish a VWF manual and VWF card for analyses on the PC, so for non rounded times.

On the customers request or for the VWF instructors own reasons a VWF course can be based on VWF manually or on VWF PC.

Demo version of VWF 3.02 dd 2005

To be able to give every VWF analyst the opportunity to get acquainted with the new VWF 3.03 computer software, the WFGD has decided to release a demo version. This demo version has the full functionality of the VWF 3.02 program except for the print and storage function, which are turned off and of course some limitations in the number of analysis lines.
Analists interested in this demo version of the new VWF 3.02, may order this demo by sending an email with the request to the secretariat of the WF Council.

The small costs of the VWF demo version are € 13,=, as a small refund for the expenditures made. When the program VWF 3.02 is really ordered these costs will be subtracted from the price of the VWF 3.02 software or refunded.

Modification to VWF manual dd Jan. 2005

Besides some textual modifications, the following modifications have been added to the VWF manual, Manually as well as for PC.

After adopting the modifications of the above table, the VWF manual will be more or less the same as with VWF manual version 2.2 of March 10th 2004.



Par. 1.5

Par. 1.9

Par. 2.2




Par. 3.3.5

Par. 3.3.6


Par. 3.3.8.

Par. 3.5

Structure of the WF system. Definition of some standard elements.
Grasp: Finger movements to obtain control over an object.
mechanical assemble: touching pin and hole is permitted and possible.
surface assemble: add: "eye-hand coordination is necessary."
mental processes: add a 5th line: "- converting information into a pulse or 'impuls'."
Definition of WF tempo. After the definition add: "The action will then be executed with the standard WF tempo. (select time)".
Motion Analysis. Predetermined Elemental Motion Time Systems (PEMTS).
Code 0-0 contains a) - reach, - move, - move and release (lay aside).
Example 2: Move: move a screwdriver  ..........
Examples. Add: "Example 4. Move over 35 cm a plug round 7.0 mm already in hand to a hole round 7.5 mm, assemble and release.
M, Asy, Rl. Code 0 - 2     20 VU.
Index or Turn T. Add:
"or a sticker must be placed within a rectangle, than to the corresponding code is added the allowance T. With the requirement “perpendicular to” or “squared to” or parallel to”, than also T is added and in these cases the assemble code will automatically be .-3.
Allowance S. Add: ", but only once per VWF-group."
Bringing outside the fingers and Palming/Depalming (B). Add: "Bringing outside / inside the fingers. Replace 'Remark' by 'Palming/Depalming' ".
Body movements and walking. Walking: Add: A step during the normal walking has a length of 75 cm. Restricted walking: Add: "bended walking". Getting up , sitting down: Add: kneeling on 1 knee .... 18 VU, kneeling on 2 knees: 35 VU."
Bolts and nuts. Add at 'turning down screws: "By hand, heavy ..... 8n".
Screwdrivers. Add: "The assemble will be analyzed with a surface assemble because it is time determining."
Hammers. Add: "Thus, before the 1st blow the hammer id moved to the target."
Spanners and wrenches. Add:
With non adjacent nuts/bolts the spanner must be placed with a surface assemble in order not to slide off the spanner from the nut/bolt.
A new  tabel for spanners and wrenches have replaced the old tabel.
Mental processes. Add to 'eye focus and inspect': "2 VU + 3 VU.
Decide from 6, 7, 8 options ... 4 VU." Add at 'Memorize and recollect': "or react."
Add at 'Note' : "At inspecting processes, we can only .......".
Special analysisform. Add: "
This kind of analysis sheet may only be used after a thorough 2-hands analysis, because only with this sheet one is able to analyze the hand or body part that determines the time.“


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