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Very easy WORK-FACTOR, VWF, has as its time unit the Very easy Unit, VU, measured in 0,001 minute, so 1000 VU = 1 minute. The VWF system was developed as from 1980 by members of the WFC and the WFGD; the work was finished and published in 1985.

VWF has 10 standard elements and the VWF time table has in total 23 time classes.
The Very easy WORK-FACTOR system has classified the time for the most frequent occurring actions, viz. reach - grasp - move - assemble - release, and therefore provides a direct anwser to the question “how much time is needed for taking an object and placing or assemble it. The system was directly derived from the RWF system.
By its simplicity it is very easy to convey to candidate analysts and easy to understand and to work with. The system has only a few rules and total-times. Profound knowledge of motion analysis is mandatory to apply the system in practice. The analysis time is short and takes only ca 20 minutes per 1 minute labour content.

It is very suitable for making analyses and setting up key values. The accuracy w.r.t. RWF is 0 - 5%.
The "hand"-table times are mostly expressed in multiples of 5 VU's, whereas the "PC"-table time are expressed in 1 VU’s.
For applications, see under RWF and BWF.

VWF is a method study and time study system and is very suitable for analysis of:
a. Mechanical work with lathes, drilling, screwing, etc.
   • f.i. as aid with the execution of method study in machine activities,
   • for making and setting standard times for precalculations, a.t.l.
b. Reconstruction work and maintenance work:
   • exchange of tools, moulds, etc.,
   • maintenance on machines, etc.
c. Warehousing & Distribution
   • transportation,
   • picking and packing,
   • office activities.

The intrinsic VWF tempo corresponds with tempo 75 Bedaux or 94 BSI or 125% (ASME).

The VWF program consist also of a modul to determine the time or the allowance factor for Rest and Personal Care. After completion of a VWF-analysis the calculation may be started by clicking the appropriate %-button. The VWF-analysis will then appear in the colour red with VU-times inclusive the allowance for R+PC. See also the next site.

As the VWF-software program may also be purchased inclusive Mento-Factor Compact, the VWF-program can then be used for the analysis of mental work, as with inspection and control work or the reading of meters and scales.

The education and training time is about 3 to 4 days, dependant on the introductory knowledge, plus half a day for the VWF-examination.

The WORK-FACTOR Council supports the VWF software program, which was developed by the WFGD in cooperation with the WFC. The VWF software runs under Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

An example of an analysis with VWF software is shown below.



VWF card -102

The VWF main Time table


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