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In the last years sometimes the question comes up whether it is possible to set up a working group in cooperation with the WFGD to develop software for analyses with Mento Factor Detailled. If this could be effected a very fine program would become available on the market to analyse very specific and complicated inspection works than would be possible with Mento Factor Compact.

Call for attention

WORK-FACTOR deserves more attention.
Besides the fact that WORK-FACTOR deserves more attention and that the use of WF must be stimulated every where any time, we would like to call upon every WF user to encourage the use of WORK-FACTOR as a excellent tool for method study and time study on the level of actions and motions in their own departments and companies. This will yield important benefits for the companies w.r.t. productivity and throughput time.

At the same time it would support the WFC also financially a bit, because of the expected increase in Work-Factor courses and software, almost the only source of income for the WF Council.

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