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Ready WORK-FACTOR, RWF, has as its time unit the Ready Unit, RU, measured in 0,001 minute, so 1000 RU = 1 minute. Finished and published in 1969.

RWF has 10 standard elements and the RWF time tables have 154 time classes in total.
The system is derived from DWF and is a further development from Simplified Work-Factor developed in 1945.

Ready WORK-FACTOR is a method study and time study system and is
Very suitable for
  - short to medium cyclic work,
  - accurate motion study,
  - accurate task times,
  - for large till middle large series of products.
Provides more than sufficient information for method study.
Has a high degree of accuracy, between 0 - 5% of DWF times, where:
   - the system has far less rules than DWF,
   - it is far less complicated than DWF,
   - it requires far less education and training time than DWF,
   - the analysis is much faster than with DWF: 1 minute labour content takes 2,5 3 hours analysis time.

Application of RWF is increasingly important for those activities where the method used to perform a task is more important to the costs than achieving the highest degree of accuracy available for the time value determined by the analysis. The time saved on the analysis time can be used for method improvement.

The intrinsic RWF tempo corresponds with tempo 75 Bedaux or 94 BSI or 125% (ASME).

As the RWF-software program may also be purchased inclusive Mento-Factor Compact, the RWF-program can also be used for the analysis of mental work, as with inspection and control work or the reading of meters and scales.

The RWF-program has an ML-modul (Mental Load/Strain), which enables analists to measure and analyse the mental load or strain of the work at hand. The mental strain is measured in MFs (Mento-Factors). See also the ML-site.

The education and training time is about 6 to 7 days, dependant on the introductory knowledge, plus half a day for the RWF-examination.

The WORK-FACTOR Council supports the RWF software (WFS) of the WFGD, and has approved the software in use with Philips Consumer Lifestyle Drachten, Netherlands and supports this software as own software. The RWF software will run under Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.


An example of analysis with the WFS software and the own RWF-software is shown below.

RWF 9202

Below you will find an example of the Philips CL DAP develloped software.

RWF-DAP 15002
RWF Time Table (600 x 444)02

The RWF Time Table card.


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