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General, practical work study or business economical tips and views.


What the hell is meant by "Flow Production"? A misconception?
As in the name "flow" already suggests: a product-in-making must flow, always. From the very first moment the product is “taken” till the moment the product passes the last work station.

Working NEAT-ly

Working NEAT-ly with aid of some work study tools.
The goal of your company is most probably earning money by selling products in order to guarantee the continuity of the company. Do so with a high productivity.

Process management

Process management: management in ‘plain people’s language
We all know the hierachic organization pyramid with its standard 3 levels: directors, management, employees/ execution. Those levels are the particularisation of tasks towards management and executing labour.

Work Study

Work study / Work analysis
Work analysis is the general term for a multitude of methods and techniques, especially groups like Method Study and Time Study, which will be used for assessment of human labour on all aspects in whatever relation, that will systematically lead to the investigation of all factors that may influence the efficiency and effectiveness and consequently the productivity of the situation under investigation, in order to arrive at an improvement of that situation.


Organizational and Technical losses and Rejects.
Many, many minutes per working day are lost due the imperfect organization, the troublesome machine and the assembled product that is not working (properly). So, a worker is not working all day and delivering good products.

2 Hands Analysis

Motion Study
2 Hands Analysis is involved in studying and recording the motions of body parts needed in a process or in an operational action. These body parts will be most of the times fingers, hands and arms, but could also be head, feet or trunk.

Rules of Barnes

Barnes, Ralph Mosser
In order to find the optimum motions and therefore to work as efficient as possible, Barnes set up some rules. These rules are known as “Rules of Barnes” and should be present and visible in every factory and workstation.


Depending on the type of the production process and the desired level of detail, a more or less detailled WF system can be used. In many cases it is sufficient to use a rather less detailled system than DWF. For WF this could be for example the Ready WORK-FACTOR (RWF) system, the Very easy WORK-FACTOR (VWF) system or even the Brief WORK-FACTOR system for single piece work or work in maintenance workshops.


Definitions of wastes
From the module “Elimination of Waste” from the Work Study course, some definitions are quoted, which could act as an “eye opener”

WS Tips

WS Tip: Bulletin of the Work-Study Foundation.
If you can read and/or understand Dutch, you may find a lot of information in our “WS Tip” Bulletins. This WS Tip is and will be issued during working months twice a month. If you do, please double click on “WS Tips”, find the WS Tip of your interest and double click.
Also, Google Translate might be helpful.


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