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The five mentioned WF systems DWF, RWF, AWF, VWF and BWF, are suitable mainly for the analysis of manual actions and motions. For mental processes they offer very limited possibilities. Even then, the limitation in use, is that the mental process analyzed must be just a small part with respect to the total manual actions within the totality of the process or task to be analyzed.

However, when activities must be performed which consist (almost) totally or for a large part of mental processes, as is the case with visual inspection, than a Mento-Factor system should be applied.

Mento-Factor Compact-1 is a condensation of the Mento-Factor system. It was developed in the 80-ties, at first by members of the Dutch WFC and the German WFGD, and approved in 1989 by the WOFAC/Science Management Corporation, but still rather time consuming to learn and to analyze with as a tool. In the second phase it was further developed by A. van Vessem of the WFC to be able to analyze mental processes much faster than with the MF system and the MF-C1 system.

Mento-Factor Compact, MF-C, has as its time unit the Ready Unit, RU, just like RWF, measured in 0,001 minute, so 1000 RU = 1 minute. It is the mental sister-system of RWF and was finished and published in 1993.

The intrinsic tempo is tempo 75 Bedaux or 94 BSI or 125% (ASME).
The system has 10 standard elements and the tables have in total ca 60 time values.

So, therefore, with MF-C it is possible to make mento analyses much more simpler and therefore much faster than is possible with MF. Nevertheless, analyses with MF-C have a very acceptable accuracy, comparable with the ratio of RWF versus DWF.

It comprises the following aspects a.o.:
collecting information via the senses, f.i. the eyes and the ears,
recognizing and organizing this information in and by the central nervous system (the brains),
deciding on basis og this recognized information and coordination of the resulting reaction.

The education and training time is about 3 to 4 days, dependant on the introductory knowledge, plus half a day for the MF-C-examination.

The WORK-FACTOR Council supports the MF-C software of the WFGD. The MF-C software runs under Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

An example of an analysis with MF-C is shown below.



Mento Compact Analysis02


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