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Links and contacts for work study advice, training and consultancy for standardization of processes, normal times, balancing of work stations, problems with throughput times, a.s.o.

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Foto Jos Deeben02

Jos Deeben

Jos Deeben is an Industrial Engineer, specialist in the field of applications for business economical techniques, especially with aspects on workstudy, logistics and organization.
Nowadays, he enjoys his retirement spending more time with his family and friends, but nevertheless likes to do something and thinks on work study and organizational problems.
For many years with Brabantia BV, he was the running engine behind normalizational and balancing issues in factories in the Netherlands and abroad.
He was chairman of the WORK-FACTOR Council Benelux.
He was chairman of the Work-Study Foundation.


Eric Pol

Eric Pol is an Euro Industrial Engineer, specialist in the field of application of business economical techniques. He coached many companies and hundreds of people in “processes of change”: change management.
His approach is very practical,  thematic, working in project teams and goal-oriented.
”Work smarter, not faster!” is his well-known motto.
Before he started to work as an independent advisor, he worked for Philips, Lucent Technologies and AT&T. He workes in product development as in product realisation, nationally and internationally.

Marianne van Doorn02

Marianne van Doorn

Marianne van Doorn is a specialistic staf member on industrial cost engineering with Philips HealthTech at Drachten, Netherlands. Marianne’s specialisms are work study analyses (RWF and VWF), line-balancing, costprice calculations and ergonomics. She has international experience with work study training (Argentina, Rumania, a.o.) and VWF training (China and Eastern Europe).




"Platform for operational management"
VOA was founded on November 21st, 1951 and named Society for Development of Labour techniques, (“Vereniging van Ontwikkeling Arbeidstechniek") as a section of the NIVE. Early seventies it was focussing more on other disciplines from the fast expanding field of business economics, as well.
VOA wants to be an information and communication network. This means a platform for the exchange of knowledge in may ways, a meeting point for members and interested persons and to be a walking encyclopedia and a broker of knowledge. VOA takes up the position of a promotor of the interests of the operational manager and the ever changing field of operational management.
The liquidation pf the VOA was effective per November 11th, 2008,

St-WS logo

Work-Study Foundation

Work-Study Foundation, platform for Work-Factor users
The Work-Study Foundation was established on March 26th, 2008 by members of the WORK-FACTOR Council, to better manage the financial and material businesses of the WFC in order to guarantee the activities of the WFC sufficiently.
The purpose and the activities of the foundation coincide with the purpose and activities of the WFC, but are to be seen in a somewhat broader sense, because of the broader time measurement aspects of work study and work analysis.
The WS Foundation was dissolved as per July 1st 2020.


Gerrit de Vrij

Gerrit de Vij is a Cost Engineer, specialist in the field of applications of work study techniques, cost prices and decision calculations w.r.t. financial business investments. He worked in practice in many companies and trained many work study analysts, cost engineers and industrial engineers.
He has a mentality of “roll up one’s sleeves” and believes firmly that everything can be improved.
Before he started as an independent advisor, he worked a.o. for Philips Organisation & Efficiëncy/Training Group, Lighthouse Consultancy Group, KPMG Industry and Atos Consulting. He worked nationally as well as internationally.

Oeds vd Wijk102

         Oeds van der Wijk

Oeds van der Wijk is a senior staff member of industrial cost engineering for Philips Consumer Lifestyle in Drachten, Netherlands. Before this position he worked for the department of Industrial Cost Engineering, ICE, and currently working in the department Finance & Accounting.
He and Ms. Marianne van Doorn also take care of the Work-Factor courses and trainings within Philips Consumer Lifestyle, nationally as well as internationally.


Foto Joep vd Zanden202

Joep vd Zanden

Joep van der Zanden is a freelance independent trainer and advisor in the field of work study techniques. He has worked as a freelancer for a.o. VOA-Access nowadays VOAA Industrial Engineering. He worked also for Brabantia, Haeghe Group, Intos and Licom. For some years he was working as organizational advisor for Kempenhaege Group and nowadays he is working at Intrakoop.

WFGD logo

Gemeinschaft für Deutschland

WORK-FACTOR Society for Germany

WORK-FACTOR Society for Germany (“WORK-FACTOR Gemeinschaft für Deutschland”)
The WFGD is a sisterorganization of the WORK-FACTOR Council Benelux, especially for the German speaking part of Europe. Via the Work-Study Foundation and the Work-Factor Council the WFGD will put into effect all activities for WORK-FACTOR in Europe for the German speaking areas, which are also managed and protected. Under auspicien of the Work-Study Foundation the WF courses and WF seminars are organized, to be able to guard the contents and to maintain the standards.
The motto of the WFGD is: Waste is tracked down, "Der Verschwendung auf der Spur".

The WFGD has developed the following software (often with aid of WFC). The WS Foundation is the proprietor of the rights.
For manuel and mental processes:
WFB or BWF : WORK-FACTOR Blockverfahren, with or without MENTO-FACTOR Compact
VWF            : Very easy WORK-FACTOR, with or without MENTO-FACTOR Compact
WFS of RWF : WORK-FACTOR Schnellverfahren, with or without MENTO-FACTOR Compact

Do you have affinity with WORK-FACTOR and find it interesting, important, nice or funny to be mentioned on this site and have the possibility to direct WF website visitors to your own website or homepage or another interesting website?
Please contact the secretariat of the WORK-FACTOR Council. For a rather small yearly financial compensation you can be added to the list on "LINKS and CONTACTS" site. In that way we form a (little) network to spread, collect and preserve WORK-FACTOR knowledge.