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Detailed WORK-FACTOR Training

Detailed WORK-FACTOR course-training

  • Suitable for
  • Constructors, work planners, cost engineers, staff of operation desk,  industrial administrator assistents, industrial administrator analists and industrial administrators working in the series production of middle large and large series products and are working and communicating on improvement and optimization of working methods and standard times for (short) cyclical work.
  • Goal
  • After completion of the course the participants have the knowledge and skills to independently exercise analyses of work processes to achieve the correct working method and corresponding normal times and standard times for a.o. tuning and balancing, performance assessment and cost price calculation of middle large and large series of products in the series production.
  • Content
  • method study
  • motion analysis
  • DWF select time
  • development DWF
  • DWF standard elements
  • Detailed WORK-FACTOR
  • examples, exercises and exam training
  • Certification
  • Written examination after completion of the education and training. With sufficient result on both parts (theory and practice) of the examination, the participant will receive an internationally recognized certificate DWF of the VOA/SMC issued by the WF Council Benelux.
  • Preparatory training
  • Experience in work processes and be able to work methodocally and analytically is mandatory.
  • Duration and times of lesson
  • The day time course-training lasts for 12 - 14 days, while the sessions are from 09.00 hrs till
    17.30 hrs. Mostly in periods of 2 consecutive days.
  • Examination time ca 4 hrs.
  • Location
  • The course-trainings are organized in a congress centre or in case of a in-company training at the site of the company.
  • Course data
  • In principle, each spring and automn, with sufficient number of participants.
  • Course group of ca 5 till 14 participants.
  • Language: dutch or english.
  • Course fee, open course
  • The costs/fee per participant is inclusive DWF course manual, DWF exercisebook, DWF card and 1 DWF examination. Depending the further organization and subjects other course material can be provided.
  • The costs for WF licenties en rechten are included.
  • DWF software is also included.
  • Members of VOA and staff of business members of VOA may apply for a discount on the course fee via the VOA.
  • The costs are exclusive VAT and travelling and lodging expenses.
  • Special tariffs and fees are applicable for in-company courses.