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Detailed WORK-FACTOR, DWF, has as its time unit the Work-Factor Unit, WFU, widely known as the Time Unit TU, measured in 0,0001 minute, so 10.000 TU = 1 minute. Finished and published in 1938.

DWF is the basic motion system of WORK-FACTOR; it has 31 elements and the DWF time tables consist of 764 time classes in total.

Detailed WORK-FACTOR is a method study and time study system and
Is suitable for
  - very short cyclic work,
  - very accurate motion study,
  - very accurate task times,
  - for large number of products or mass series production.
Provides profound in-depth information for methods study, ergonomical as well as organizational.
It has a very high level of accuracy, hence:
   - the system comprise many rules,
   - is rather complicated,
   - takes a rather long time to educate and to master,
   - the analyses take a lot of time: 1 minute labour content takes 5 6 hours analysis time.
Hence, application is justified where very high standards on the accuracy are required and/or the cycle lenght is very short. Where the costs or time of the analyses balance out the revenues.

The intrinsic DWF tempo corresponds with tempo 78 Bedaux or 98 BSI or 130% (ASME).

The education and training time is about 12 to 14 days, dependant on the introductory knowledge, plus one day for the DWF-examination.

The WORK-FACTOR Council approves and supports the use of DWF software, as developed by a DWF analist of Philips Industrial Activities Dendermonde, Belgium.


An example of a DWF-analysis with DWF software program, may be found below.

DWF (714 x 537)02
DWF Table-a (521 x 768)02

DWF Time Table for Move, Walking and Visual Inspection


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