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Latest version of
BWF/WFB software

The newest version that was released by the WFGD, in cooperation with the Work-Factor Council, is WFB 7.10 of January 2017, inwhich the Export function is extended with the choice between a plain txt-file and a csv-file. In the csv-file exportation, the 2 formulae for summation are being preserved.

WFB cursus 2014

Mr. Joachim Kurz wil act as co-teacher for a WBF-student in a self-study course in October-November.

New version of WFB 7.04,  June 2010

At this moment a new version of WFB named WFB 7.04.09 is in testing phase.
A lot was changed from the former German release until version 6.40. The most important item is the extension to a two-hand analysis in stead of a one-hand analysis. Some imperfections and minor flaws still reside in the test version of WFG 6.40, but we all find it very important to release the new version of WFB/BWF, especially to the german analists.

Renewed BWF and BWF August 2007

July 2006

Because the WFGD bears some importance to WORK-FACTOR Blockverfahren (WFB is in Gemany fairly well known and in use), the WFGD has requested the WFC to allow them to use the English manual for Brief WORK-FACTOR of the WFC. The WFC granted permission to the WFGD to do so.

At the moment the WFGD is working, in cooperation with the WFC, in analogy of VWF, to incorporate in the new WORK-FACTOR Blockverfahren (WFB) the VWF option “language. With this option the possibility is handed to choose for a Dutch, German or English analysis environment, inclusive the corresponding “Rules”.

Because of the important differences between de German version and the versions in other countries, especially the Dutch version, the WFC will discuss and consult with the WFGD to what extend these differences can be bridged or can be diminished.

In advance to a possible for the WFC acceptable version of WF-Block resembling the version in use by the WFC and corresponding to the BWF manual with respect to the possible 2-hands analysis, the WFC has renewed the BWF manuals for the dutch version as well as the english version. With this renewed versions the further integration of WFB and BWF are already taken into account.
Meanwhile, a test version is released (June 2007) of WFB is spread amongst some members of WFGD and WFC in order to test the 2-hand analysis capabilities.

BWF cursus

The courses WBF/BWF are mainly planned and executed in Germany and German speaking countries.


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