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Block WORK-FACTOR, BWF, has as its time unit the Block or Brief Unit, BU, measured in 0,001 minute, so 1000 BU = 1 minute, while the Block Elements are rounded to a multiple of 5 BU. Finished and published in 1977.

Block WORK-FACTOR or Brief WORK-FACTOR is meant to be an abbreviated, simple system for analyzing work; which by its simple set of rules and small table mainly will be applied in the field of maintenance and repair, transportation, warehousing and distribution and office activities, but not necessarely so, because BWF has suifficient distinguishing power to be used well in “normal” assembling activities.

As the BWF-software program may also be purchased inclusive Mento-Factor Compact, the BWF-program can also be used for the analysis of mental work, as with inspection and control work or the reading of meters and scales.

By the simplicity of its rules and corresponding time table, it is possible to make fast analyses of repetitive and non repetitive work or irregular work or long cyclical work, like warehousing work and counter clerk work. It is the “shortest” system and yet with a good functionality.

Block WORK-FACTOR basically has just 7 different time blocks, whereas the rules are very simple and very easy to apply. The BWF system is very fast to learn and the analysis time is very short: ca 15 minutes to analyze 1 minute labour content.

The intrinsic BWF tempo corresponds with tempo 72 Bedaux or 90 BSI or 120% (ASME).

The education and training time is about 2 to 3 days, dependant on the introductory knowledge, plus half a day for the BWF-examination.

Block WORK-FACTOR Accelerated, BWF-A, uses the average or most frequently used time values of the Block elements of BWF in order to achieve an even faster analysis time and time of the observed work. This system is especially useful when a very fast estimation of the time is needed or desired of observed work or new planned or developped assembling work.

The WORK-FACTOR Council supports the BWF software of the WFGD, which was developed by the WFGD, in cooperation with the WFC as from version 4. As from version 7.0x also BWF-A is implemented and available. The BWF/WFB software runs under Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

An example of an analysis with BWF and the Block element of BWF-A is shown below.




Below you will find an example of an analysis with BWF-A software.

BWF Table02

The BWF/WFB Time Table


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