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Abbreviated WORK-FACTOR, AWF, has as its time unit the Abbreviated Unit, AU, measured in 0,005 minute, so 200 AU = 1 minute, while the Abbreviated Elements will be vaqlued in time in units of 1 AU, rpossibly normally rounded. Finished and published in 1951.

AWF has 8 elements and the AWF time table has in total 32 time classes.

The AWF system is a method study and time study system which is
Suitable for short cycle work if the total series of products is not too large,
Suitable for large cycle work if the total series of products is rather large,
Great use in transportation, warehousing and distribution, repair & maintenance shops, a.t.l.
Provides less information for method study than RWF or VWF,
Provides yet more information for method study than the stop watch method,
   - a deviation w.r.t. DWF of 10 12% is accountable as total costs are concerned,
   - the system has very few rules,
   - the system is easy to understand,
   - the analysis is very fast. It is very suitable to generate key figures.

Application of AWF may be justified where the part of work to be analyzed is just a small part of the total work to be analyzed and of the costs of operation. So, where the deviation has only a minor influence on the total costs.

The intrinsic AWF tempo corresponds with tempo 72 Bedaux or 90 BSI or 120% (ASME).

At the moment AWF is replaced by VWF.



AWF kaartje Eng (549 x 768)02

The AWF Time Table


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