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The WORK-FACTOR Council, residing in The Netherlands since 1969, is the platform particularly for the Benelux to attend to the interests of WORK-FACTOR users and to follow up on the developments within the WOFAC, WORK-FACTOR and elsewhere, to be able to enhance and promote the use and utility of WORK-FACTOR (WF) systems.
In this field of the protection of interests also lies the function of promoting the proper use and correct writing within the WF systems.
The Council encourages the distribution of the WF systems “all over the world” and specifically in the Benelux, particularly the Dutch speaking part.
The Council takes care of maintenance on the WF manuals, cards, materials and systems.

The WORK-FACTOR Council is solely authorized and competent within the Benelux to educate, train and certify WF instructors; to educate, train and certify WF analists and to assign WF licences and rights or to grand these. The Council also has the competence to organize or to let organize on her behalf WF courses and seminars.
The WORK-FACTOR Council has the competence to withdraw granted licences or certificates by shown non expertise and/or abuse.

To achieve her goal the following activities are employed:
•  guarding and managing the WF courses on form as well as on content by certification, testing and approving,
•  guarding and managing the WF systems and WF materials,
•  development, renewing, extending, adaption and modification of WF systems and WF materials,
•  organizing or organizing on her behalf WF courses,
•  setting up, organizing and judging WF examinations,
•  certifying WF analysts-to-be to certified WF analysts, and
•  the education, certification and coaching of WF instructors.

•  to maintain and promote the contact between WF users,
•  the organization of workshops and seminars on real and current subjects and themes regarding WF applications, WF
   products and other related WF subjects,
•  publications on the field of WF in the normal and usual periocals, in own newsletters or emails or on the own
   Work-Factor website,
•  to (help) develop WF systems for use on PC’s and promote the use of PC’s for WF analyses.

The Council may grant rights of use of WF name and WF logo to businesses or institutions on materials and products.
•  the WORK-FACTOR Council acts as WF platform under the auspices of the Work-Study Foundation.
•  through the previous VOA relation the WORK-FACTOR Council is related with VOA-Acces.
•  the WORK-FACTOR Council operates in full and close cooperation with the German sister organization WFGD, especially
   in the field of tuning the various WF systems and further development of software for the WORK-FACTOR systems.

To be able to manage the financial and material matters more adequately, in order to better guarantee the continuity of the activities of the WORK-FACTOR Council, on March 26th 2008 a foundation was established by the members of the WORK-FACTOR Council named Work-Study Foundation, Platform for Work-Factor Users and registered at the Chamber of Commerce under nr. 172.23044.
The goal of the foundation is
a. maintaining and promoting the use of Work-Factor systems in Work-Study analyses, especially in the Benelux and
     particularly in the Dutch speaking part.
b. perpetrating all other actions related with the above stated under a. in the most widely used sense or could be positive for
     that same purpose
Boardmembers of the foundation are the members of the WORK-FACTOR Council at that moment.
The secretariat of the foundation is the same as the secretariat of the WORK-FACTOR Council, see below.
The WS Foundation was dissolved as per July 1st 2020.

Since the WFGD e.V. ceased its activities per 1-1-2012 their competences, authority and teaching qualification are transferred to the Work-Study Foundation. The WF activities for the German speaking WF users are put into effect and guaranteed by the WFR and WFGD.

The (board)members of the WS Foundation, the WF Council and the WFGD are seasoned staff from industry, from management consulting businesses and/or are independent adviser. They all have a vast practical experience in the field of work study and business economics at various companies with a lot of processes.
The members of the Council are:

J.A.C. Deeben
G. de Vrij
O. van der Wijk
F. Weil
J. Kurz
J.W. van der Zanden
E. Pol
J. Uiterwijk
Ms. M. van Doorn

Munthof 11
5551 XG  Valkenswaard

member (WFGD)
member (WFGD)
adviser (titulair)

Tel.     +
Fax.   +
Mob.   +31.6.5537.5301

Certified and active WORK-FACTOR instructors for Europe and other countries are:
Ms. M. van Doorn
E. Pol
G. de Vrij
J. van der Zanden
O. van der Wijk
F. Weil

Questions regarding information on organizations and bureaus that offer Work-Factor products or products with Work-Factor products as parts, or questions regarding teachers and instructors giving lectures in (one of the) Work-Factor systems, may be addressed to the secretariat.

The "WFC membership" is not quite a membership in the sense of a membership of a society. The WORK-FACTOR Council is an independent platform or council of the WS Foundation. It is not a foundation or society with full capacity for rights.
The WFC keeps a register of Work-Factor analysts, inwhich certified analysts are recorded. Members of the WFC are analysts recorded in the “Register of Analysts” of the WFC plus WF contactpersons of companies. At this moment the Benelux register contains about 600 names and the International register holds about 100 names. To the Council are known about 100 names with their email address. All WFC “members” have access to the WF website and through that access to WF information and news. Moreover, the ca 100 “active WFC members” receive regularly further WF infomation via email or will be informed via the website for further information.
The membership of the WORK-FACTOR Council is free.

One may apply for “WFC membership” by sending an e-mail application to the secretariat; possibly provided with information on the WF system used, the WF system certified on and the date of certification.

Personal data of WF-course paticipants, analists and company contact staff members like name, date of birth and place, company name and - address, (company) telephone number and business e-mailaddress, solely for personification of certificate, diploma or attestation and work-study or business economic support for individual and department, will not be shared with or given to third parties.

The revenues of the Foundation, benificiary to the WFC, mainly come from the revenues from granting WF licences and rights plus possibly extra income from activities like WF courses and WF trainings.
The expenditures are mainly the costs of guarding and protecting Work-Factor names and logo’s. The costs of the Council desk are nill, besides the costs for administration of justice and domain costs, because the boardmembers participate on a voluntary basis.
Bankrelation: ABN-AMRO Bank, IBAN number NL11ABNA0 of Work-Study Foundation, Platform for Work-Factor Applications.

If your address data is changed or modifications will occur, like address, telephone-, fax-, mobile- number or email address, please notify the WFR secretariat.

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